Marketing Interface: The company that harnesses the power of marketing technology in meaningful and measurable ways.

OK, stop rolling your eyes. We’re marketing people and even we were tempted to roll our eyes when we landed on that purpose statement. But in reality it captures exactly what we do, day in and day out.

Our hope is that you’ll suspend the eye-rolling and join us in selectively using technology to get the most out of your marketing resources – no matter what size your budget or company.

Every day there are stories about the ways in which marketing has changed in recent years. Let’s just take that as a given rather than wasting precious blog space rehashing the data. Hopefully you also agree that technology has disrupted the marketing world as much as – if not more than – any other department.

Our ability to optimize the customer experience at an individual level becomes more real every day. What is particularly powerful about this trend – but largely overlooked – is that it doesn’t just impact Fortune 100 companies. Nor is it just for businesses selling to consumers. It changes the marketing game for everyone.

Marketing technology is like The Wild West. Keeping pace with the myriad new tools and figuring out what you really need can be a daunting task, especially when your marketing plans are unsophisticated to begin with.

We’ve been there, we’ve risen to the challenge of learning new tools, and we’ve convinced our colleagues to use them as well. Partner with Marketing Interface and we’ll get you through it, too.