Every month we love to share our favorite articles that we think will help take your career and/or business to the next level. Below is our round-up of April marketing news, trends, and interesting articles. Enjoy!


Are you still doubting that Facebook is right for your company? You heard us right… Facebook works for B2B marketing, too. But, sometimes it’s tricky to convince non-marketers of its value. MarTech Advisor presents several logical arguments for it here.

When working with companies who are making their first foray into the marketing arena, things quickly get overwhelming. If you don’t hear anything else from us, please hear this: you don’t have to do everything! Actually, we recommend you don’t even try to do everything! You don’t have to be the most sophisticated marketer in the world. That’s why we are such big believers in nailing the basics. This is a great guide that we found that covers basics of digital marketing.

Marketers constantly have to make decisions. Decision fatigue is a real thing! So, knowing how to make good decisions is very important. We found this framework for how to make good marketing decisions very helpful.

Sitting at the crux of what we love about marketing is technology. It makes good marketing accessible to companies of all sizes and resource levels. More people can find products and services that they want and need because marketing is better able to pinpoint and reach those individuals – whether that is for a business or personal reason. Marketing has changed so much in the past few years, but we’re just at the beginning. Check out this article on why you should expect to see more tech disrupting marketing soon.

Let’s be honest. Nobody is investing in marketing for marketing’s sake. We don’t labor away, crafting the right social media posts or email subject lines just to humor ourselves. And, while we love delighting customers, we do all of these things so that our businesses and organizations grow. A marketing plan must complement and support the business’ overall growth plan – which means that if you need a marketing plan, a growth plan should be in place! Not sure how to start? Here is an overview of how to build a solid growth strategy.


I headed to the Pacific Northwest. In creative professions especially, a change of scenery can be a much needed dose of inspiration! Here is a fun picture from the trip.

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